As well as the planning and construction of public toilet facilities, HERING Sanikonzept GmbH also offers a tailored service package. We are happy to put together a service package to suit you.

We offer the following modules:


  • Maintenance of entire toilet system based on manufacturer guidelines,
  • Extending guarantee by concluding a maintenance contract
  • Legitimate execution of requisite annual electrical safety checks in accordance with DIN VDE and DGUVV3 for public buildings


  • Maintenance cleaning to your requirements
  • Provision of detergent and consumables
  • Special cleaning, graffiti removal


  • Resolving all technical faults or damage
  • Conversion or renovation of existing facilities
  • Relocation of toilet facilities

On-call service

  • 24/7 on-call service staffed exclusively by HERING employees

Technical controlling

  • Connection of toilet facilities to our main computer system
  • Automatic system messages allow prompt response
  • Evaluation of frequency and system data

Financing / Full operational responsibility

  • Financing of new-build and financing projects
  • Full/partial investment by HERING linked to individual operation contract
  • Liability for vandalism risks


  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • On-call Service
  • Technical Controlling
  • Financing / Full operational responsibility

45 years of expertise

From planning and construction through financing to maintenance, cleaning and repairs. HERING Sanikonzept has over 45 years of expertise and has already built more than 6200 toilet systems. We currently operate 1300 systems with a range of service modules. Our company employs around 100 people, split between our head office in Burbach and service support points all over Germany.

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