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Service and Operations

Hering provides the following services

Asset Operation and Management

Whether newly built or already established, Hering provides their public toilet facilities and centres with a complete management package, which ensures that the facility is fully managed, operated and maintained on behalf of the client. The service includes the maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and cleaning of the facilities, and the provision of Emergency Services.  All personnel and resources required for the provision of these services are provided by Hering.

The Hering Service-Team!
The Hering Service-Team!

In addition, we further support our facilities with the following services:

  • Technical Maintenance
    Hering ensures the readiness, efficiency and longevity of their sanitary facilities by means of regular bi or tri-yearly maintenance. This maintenance is conducted according to a specific maintenance schedule, which includes the inspection of all mechanical and technical equipment, and includes all prescribed electrical safety tests.

  • General Maintenance and Repairs
    All maintenance and repair work is undertaken by trained professionals. Through the 24 hr call-service, out of order times for the facilities can be kept to an absolute minimum as a consequence of our rapid response times.

  • Remote Monitoring
    Many of Herings toilet facilities can be monitored through remote data transmission. This enables instantaneous and continuous data control and accurate data processing regarding the use, fault reporting, cleaning and availability of the toilet facility. This is not only important for repairs and maintenance; it serves as an important source of information for the operator as well.

  • Cleaning
    The Hering cleaning service includes both general cleaning on a regular basis which may be daily or three times a week etc, as specified by the client, as well as specialist intensive internal and external cleaning required for the proper operation of the facility.  These specialist operations include high-pressure or jet stream processes which are used for the removal of graffiti as well as the disinfection.

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