Would you like to integrate new toilet facilities into an existing building? Then our FlexiKit installation module is the perfect solution.

Our prefabricated WC cubicle is pushed into an opening into the building or assembled on site. After installation, the FlexiKit simply needs to be connected to the prepared electrical, water and waste water connections and can then be put into service immediately.


  • Steel frame design covered with stainless steel sandwich elements
  • Internal walls can also be fitted with other materials, e.g. glass
  • Fine-ribbed grating floor with stainless steel tray beneath, floor rinse system included
  • Vandalism-resistant stainless steel design
  • Optional: Universal toilets, squat toilets or urinals


  • "Flexikit barrier-free" disabled access module in accordance with DIN 18040
  • Space-optimised small “FlexiKit Mini” module

Both options are available with and without automatic seat cleaning.


Public toilet facilities from HERING: Projects

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