“Station toilet? No thank you!” - This generalisation is a thing of the past thanks to HERING Sanikonzept. Starting with high-footfall locations and carrying on to medium and smaller stations, HERING has renovated more than 90 public toilet systems in German railway stations over the last few years.


The premium “rail & fresh WC” brand has been developed especially for stations. It is an optimum combination of the requirements of a quality brand with those of the relevant railway station. From Cat1 to Cat5, from large, serviced toilet systems to individual single-cubicle toilet solutions on the platform or the station forecourt: HERING always has an optimum, tried and tested solution.


  • Cleaning based on user volumes: Permanent staffing or frequency-driven cleaning
  • Token system: Users received a token on payment of a fixed amount. This can be redeemed in all participating partner shops.
  • Environmental protection & sustainability: Organic detergents used
  • Branded design
  • Excellent service quality

From planning through financing and complete construction to full operational responsibility, HERING offers a one-stop shop. Why not find out for yourself by visiting one of our rail & fresh toilet systems. Locations and lots more information can be found at www.wc-fresh.de .

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rail&fresh Cologne


Premium brand for station toilets
Cat1 to Cat5

Possible locations:

  • In station building
  • On station forecourt
  • On the platform itself
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