HERING textile concrete


The large two-layer façade element

betoShell®NEO30 is a facade panel that has been made with high-strength carbon concrete.

(Photos: Philip Kistner / Andreasquartier AQ Sieben Lifestyle, Düsseldorf, DE)

Its special feature

The façade element possesses a two-layer carbon-fibre reinforcement from a panel thickness of just 30 millimetres. Panel sizes of 1,400 millimetres x 2,400 millimetres are possible here. The façade panel is around 70% lighter than conventional steel-reinforced ones and allows the storey-wide cladding of façades. The ideal product to round off the betoShell® family of products!


The elements have been granted general building-authority approval (No. Z-10.3-723). Approval is currently required on a case-by-case basis for elements larger than 3.3 square metres.

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