The future of concrete façades
Recycled concrete | RC

Recycled concrete

The future of construction

Mineral construction waste – from the demolition of buildings, for example – is processed and used as an aggregate to manufacture recycled concrete (RC). The aggregate from these materials is employed as a substitute for the gravel or crushed natural stone that are normally employed in the production of concrete. Crushed old concrete can be used along with masonry and brick rubble. Recycled concrete allows a variety of colours to be realised.

(Photos: ©Fotodesign Andreas Braun, Hameln)

Recycled concrete as a design element

The options for treating surfaces include, for example, fine washing, acidification and the sanding of surfaces.

Active contribution to environmental protection

One aspect that makes the use of recycled concrete in architecture attractive is the fact that it’s possible to reflect the demolished old structure in the new build’s components. It allows finishes to be realised that reveal the fact that recycled concrete has been used – thus immediately demonstrating that the technology is helping conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

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