Prefabricated platforms modula® flex

For the subsequent raising of conventional platforms

The modula® flex system is ideally suited for the subsequent raising of conventional platforms with too low a boarding level, the surface renovation of ailing platforms and the retrofitting of guidance systems for the blind or danger zone hatching. The system saves time, costs and valuable resources, as the existing platform can continue to be used, as opposed to it being dismantled and subsequently rebuilt.

modula® flex: Advantages

  • Resource-saving and cost-effective construction method through refurbishment instead of costly new construction of existing platforms
  • Ideal for raising, surface refurbishment and retrofitting of optical guidance and safety equipment on existing platforms
  • Minimal disruption to rail and passenger operations due to very fast assembly with small lifting gear
  • Grounding of the slabs not required due to innovative textile reinforcement
  • Local adjustment cuts can be easily realised
  • Very few joints
  • Minimal maintenance costs (no green growth, no subsidence)
  • Various dimensions available

modula® flex - the system:

The modula® flex elements consist of a mere 80 mm thick piece of concrete with innovative textile reinforcement, which makes earthing of the components unnecessary and also saves weight and resources as the elements are very slim. The surface with the required contrasts, slip resistance and tactile guidance systems is completely manufactured in the factory so that the platform is ready for operation as soon as possible after the slab installation. modula® flex has a user approval from DB Station & Service AG and can be used for all common platform elevations.

The slabs can be laid on the existing platform surface, such as in a mortar bed. In this case, there are usually no costs for dismantling and disposing of the existing platform and a quick return to service can be ensured. The elements are available in a standard length of 1.35 m and with flexible widths of 1.20 to 3.00 m.

We are of course on hand to support you in the planning of your system platform projects. To achieve a project-related solution that is both economical and functional, we can provide you with planning aids such as sample plans and Revit component families in our digital planning catalogue.

HERING system platforms modula®: News

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HERING sustainability

At HERING, we see ourselves as pioneers in the field of sustainability. As early as 1996, we were the first construction company in Germany to obtain EMAS certification. Every three years, we publish an environmental statement documenting our goals and how we have achieved them. Actually, for the first time, we published a sustainability report with an integrated environmental statement in accordance with EMAS - a logical next step in view of our ecological and social responsibility. It documents how we deal internally and externally with the issues that are essential to our future viability.

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