Platform successfully raised in just four weeks!

Leonhard Weiss and Deutsche Bahn placed an order with us in spring this year for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of around 800 running metres of modula®flex in Esslingen. The use of modula®flex made it possible for us to raise sections of two island platforms from 38 to 76 centimetres.

We were able to accept the first platform without defects after just four weeks of construction thanks to efficient working and precision planning. All elements and materials had to be brought from Stuttgart to Esslingen by work trains. Besides that, the work on the first platform was only carried out during the nightly closures, which lasted between five and seven hours.

We managed to successfully realise the project in spite of these logistical and time constraints. It wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation between all project participants being so close and running so smoothly.

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