In the basic design, the user areas for our public toilet facilities feature a toilet bowl, paper roll dispensers and a wash-basin (water, soap, hand dryer). There are lots of other options available, e.g. urinals, baby changing stations, hygiene, spray and waste containers, air freshener sprays, music and intercom systems and lots more.

As well as the hygiene considerations, there is also the benefit of using stainless steel in terms of longevity and the environmental protection that goes hand in hand with this.


Various accessories can also be fitted outside to suit the location. For example, a standard connection box to supply power and water. External lighting under the porch or an electric bike charging station can also be nice bonuses for your toilet guests. We also offer various access control options, including tokens or cashless payment systems.

Customise the design of your toilet facilities:

  • Façades
  • Roofs
  • Interior design
  • Equipment
  • Alternative toilet bowls
  • Automatic cleaning systems

Public toilet facilities from HERING: Projects

CWC toilet facility: Official opening in Munich
Two WC facilities for e-charging parks in Haiger and Chemnitz
Düsseldorf 45 project – ‘Toilets for everyone’ opened
Perfect protection from graffiti with protect & clean®
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