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Custom, modular, high quality products from The Hering Group provides cost effective and flexible solutions.

Find out about modular solutions for public and semi-public toilet facilities and their individual design.

Hering realises individually designed façades by means of different surface structures in the concrete. betoShell® is a very efficient material concept of Hering Architectural Concrete.

With more than a century’s experience in railway construction, Hering has amassed a wealth of expertise in the expansion, modification and redevelopment of railway tracks of all kinds.

As a company offering many products for a wide range of areas, Hering is able to construct, expand and modify stations either in a package service or as individual services.

Hering offers a variety of sound protection systems for rail traffic, on the one hand, in the form of high and low noise barrier systems and, on the other hand, in the form of rail web dampers, which are installed directly at the source of the noise.

Among the products and services available, The Hering Group provides custom solutions for the safe storage of gas bottles and other hazardous materials. We also carry out projects such as the construction of craneways.

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