HERING becomes photovoltaics manufacturer

Construction company buys ASCA, organic photovoltaics and building integration expert

The HERING Group has acquired organic photovoltaics (OPV) expert ASCA GmbH. In the asset deal, the construction company from South Westphalia has purchased the photovoltaics manufacturer's entire site in Kitzingen, northern Bavaria, including production facilities and inventory. HERING also acquired the intellectual property, trademark rights and patents of ASCA GmbH, which, as it was liquidated by the Armor Group and taken over by HERING, was renamed ASCA GmbH & Co. KG.

Previously, ASCA GmbH belonged to the ARMOR Group, headquartered in Nantes, France. The manufacturer, which specializes in thin-film coating, will continue to produce semi-finished OPV products for ASCA GmbH & Co. KG. The ASCA team in Kitzingen, which was almost completely taken over by HERING, will take care of the technological development as before. Moreover, the long-standing OPV experts in Bavaria will manufacture all OPV products for customers in Germany and abroad. In addition to the architecture and construction industry, ASCA's solutions appeal in particular to companies from the mobility and mobility infrastructure, product design, electronics, art and fashion sectors.


"Building block of our sustainable manufacturing strategy"

"Thanks to ASCA's technology, we can turn buildings into active energy generators and further minimize their ecological footprint," says HERING company director Annette Hering happily. She continues: "We place the highest demands not only on the manufacturing and quality of our products, but also on the careful use of raw materials and resources. The acquisition is another building block in our sustainable manufacturing strategy."

Hering intends to successively expand the site in Kitzingen and identify potential synergies in the product and construction sectors. These may include, for example, projects with railroad companies, municipalities and private customers. 

Fascinating technology

The ASCA modules are based on organic semiconductor materials, are manufactured in an energy-optimized way, do not require rare earths and impress users with their maximum design freedom and flexibility. "The technology fascinated me even before I got to know ASCA. But the technology and the machines are nothing without the dedicated and bright minds behind them. That's why we're delighted that we've also been able to win over the ASCA team", adds Hering.

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