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Solutions for public toilet facilities

Public Toilet Facilities - construction and operation

The development and production of Hering Automatic Public Toilets (APT) are based on 40 years of experience and ongoing innovation. Having designed and built over 7000 toilet facilities we have the experience and flexibility to adapt and build our facilities according to the customer’s needs and requirements..

Whether it’s a free-standing or built-in public toilet, one-room or multi-room toilet, standard or fully automatic toilet, Hering is the specialist for your specific needs. Included in Herings portfolio is the service and operation of public toilet facilities.

With more than 1050 toilet facilities in operation, Hering has a service fleet covering the whole of Germany as well as various foreign countries stretching as far as Canada. The services include Technical Maintenance, General Maintenance and Repairs, Remote Monitoring as well as Cleaning services.

Public Toilet Facilities made by Hering

Investing in a Hering public toilet facility provides the operator with a long term asset which stabilises operating costs, reduces vandalism and miss-use and provides the user with a pleasant, hygienic and secure environment.

We work with both the private and public sector and our clients include local government (towns and cities), railway stations, transport hubs, shopping centres and fuel stations.

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