Track and switch inspections

Safe and cost-effective from the start

The technical service life of busy tracks and switches is affected by high wear caused by the continuous exposure to loads. We are a strong partner to railways and as such are able to offer our support where the safety and uninterrupted availability of your railway lines are concerned – right from the outset with tailored maintenance concepts as well as reliable and computer-aided track and switch inspections.

HERING – partner to railways

We leave nothing to chance – modern concepts, measuring equipment and machinery allow us to deliver one-stop inspection, maintenance and servicing – individually, cost-effectively and competently. Besides concept and professional track-maintenance measures, our portfolio also includes flexible maintenance contracts that are designed to ensure the optimum availability of your rail infrastructure.

Lineside civil engineering with HERING

  • Tailored comprehensive solutions
  • Modern and powerful machinery
  • Professional project management
  • Pre-qualified, competent and reliable
  • Most cost-effective products and construction methods
  • Strong network of partners
  • DB-pre-qualified

Inspection, maintenance and repair

  • dv-assisted track and switch inspection
  • Modern measuring equipment
  • Development of maintenance concepts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Professional project management
  • Track and switch repair measures
  • One-stop comprehensive solutions

HERING Railway construction: Projects

We’ll be seeing you at the InnoTrans 2024
Successful track refurbishment at Buderus in Wetzlar by HERING Gleisbau
Successful foundation ground rehabilitation in Würzburg by HERING Gleisbau
Roll it! Track-foundation-laying train at the major Stuttgart 21 construction site

One-stop track construction - cost-effective and reliable

Decades of experience and a strong network are the key to the successful realisation of your demanding projects in the field of rail construction: Be it rail or switch work, lineside civil-engineering performances or work on level crossings – rail-construction performances by HERING stand for qualified and cost-effective one-stop solutions that are both flexible and safe.

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HERING sustainability

At HERING, we see ourselves as pioneers in the field of sustainability. As early as 1996, we were the first construction company in Germany to obtain EMAS certification. Every three years, we publish an environmental statement documenting our goals and how we have achieved them. Actually, for the first time, we published a sustainability report with an integrated environmental statement in accordance with EMAS - a logical next step in view of our ecological and social responsibility. It documents how we deal internally and externally with the issues that are essential to our future viability.

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