Frankfurt Airport:
MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

MY CLOUD Transit Hotel - Frankfurt Airport

Since March 2017, the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel at Frankfurt Airport has been offering international travellers a retreat in the middle of the airport. In Terminal 1, near Gate Z 25, a total of 59 rooms are available for a short powernap or for overnight stays. The special feature: the rooms can be booked by the hour (from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 24 hours). This allows you to flexibly adapt your stay at MY CLOUD to your own journey. Guests can enjoy a sensational view of the taxiway in the outwardly situated rooms of the airport hotel rooms.


  • Bookable by the hour (3 hrs. – 24 hrs.)
  • No cash payment, only credit- or debit-card payment
  • Hand luggage only
  • Access only between 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • At least one non-Schengen flight
  • No visa required
  • Around-the-clock service
  • Room size: approx. 10 m²

MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

The ten square metre rooms are optimally tailored to the needs of transit travellers. Each room has a bed, a desk with stool, a television set, a separate bathroom with shower and WC and an infotainment system. The ideal location to the gate guarantees fast and comfortable boarding and connecting flights. The multilingual staff is available to the guests 24 hours a day. Hot drinks and water are available free of charge.

The advantage is that customers do not have to leave the transit area and so do not have to go through lengthy immigration checks.

As the hotel is located behind the passport and security checkpoint, passengers do not need a visa and do not have to leave the airport to check in. However, a valid air ticket is required that includes at least one non-Schengen associated country.

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5 Years MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

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