Bridge construction from HERING

Bridging distances with HERING

Erection, demolition, dismantling or modernisation of supporting structures in the field of bridge construction, disruption-free availability, low time and effort for inspections and maintenance as well as cost-effective repairs and replacement structures using rolling processes – we are specialists for railway-related civil-engineering services in the field of bridge construction. We will innovatively, cost-effectively and reliably plan, design and erect individual technical structures in order to realise the best possible road and railway links.

Cost-effective, innovative and reliable from a single source

As a DB-prequalified contact partner and general contractor for the entire field of transport infrastructure construction, we are able to realise your construction project in accordance with DB-Netz AG’s eba guidelines and combine the highest construction standards with state-of-the-art machinery and professional and comprehensive ancillary performances. Always in focus: quality, maximum prevention of disruptions and most cost-effective solutions for track, transport lines, grade-separated crossings and crossing structures – also independent of the tender.

Bridges and civil engineering with HERING

  • Individual planning, calculation, dimensioning, design and execution of supporting structures in the field of bridge construction as well as the manufacture, demolition and dismantling of entire structures
  • Railway overpasses using reinforced concrete as full and/or half frames with shallow / deep foundations 
  • Railway overpasses with rolled girders in concrete, prestressed concrete superstructures, preflex  superstructures and steel superstructures
  • Installation and removal of auxiliary / track support bridges
  • Subgrade protection layers with Granular Mixtures 1 and 2 (groundwater protection through proper disposal)
  • General contractor for transport infrastructure construction: Special civil engineering, various shoring works and bored pile foundations, earthworks and demolition works, solid reinforced-concrete and steel structural components, realisation of roadbed and track, waterproofing and drainage, track construction, etc.
  • Individual solutions, professional project management, specialised subcontractors and four-year warranty

Why not talk to us? We will realise your construction project from pricing to turnkey handover while combining quality and professional know-how with a strong partner network and precision to satisfy your individual requirements.

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HERING offers you the qualified and cost-effective implementation of your construction project with the highest precision! Our 130 years of working in the field enables us to convince in the field of civil engineering based on our experience, expertise and performance in construction methods and construction technologies. As a general contractor and with pre-qualification certificates from Deutsche Bahn, we are able to realise bridges, railway overpasses and auxiliary track bridges on a one-stop, cost-effective and reliable basis.

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Additional performances in the field of civil engineering:

Transport depots

Qualified, cost-effective and highly precise realisation of projects and construction measures in the field of transport depots.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Civil engineering with HERING: Transparent, safe and cost-effective – digital project management with BIM.

Civil engineering with HERING: Transparent, safe and cost-effective – digital project management with BIM.

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