Systems for platform raising and renovation

HERING has developed the modula® flex system for the raising and renovation of conventional platforms - an 8 cm slim, textile-reinforced flat slab with ready-to-use platform covering. The modula® flex slab is ideally suited for the realisation of a height increase of up to approx. 25 cm (e. g. from 55 cm above ground level to 76 cm above ground level) and can be realised within the shortest possible time in a resource-saving manner (generally without dismantling and disposal costs).

For elevations of more than one level jump (e. g. 38 cm above ground level to 76 cm above ground level), the platform slab of our modula® light system is the right choice. Due to the stronger structure of the reinforced concrete elements (min. 16 cm component thickness), larger height differences can be compensated for without the increased resource expenditure of filling materials on the construction site.

As with all platform systems from HERING, the surface is produced ready for use in the factory with the safety-relevant equipment features, such as the guiding system for the blind or danger zone hatching.

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