Rail-road excavators

The HERING Bahnbau fleet comprises among other things 16 modern, high-performance rail-road excavators from the manufacturers Liebherr and Atlas in various performance classes. Most of our rail-road excavators are equipped with diesel particle filter technology so that they can be used on reconstruction projects with special requirements, such as in tunnels. In addition, the areas of deployment of rail-road excavators can easily be expanded with a range of attachments.

Challenge our performance capacity – We are sure to be able to meet your workload too!

Thanks to our extremely experienced machine operators, we are able to implement your construction project reliably, economically and on time. All our machine operators have all the permits that are required to work on railway tracks.

Our rail-road excavators can be deployed in the following areas:

  • Both on the road and on the track
  • Excavating and moving soil
  • Creating a level track bed
  • Laying sleepers
  • Putting down rails
  • Ballasting
  • Ramming
  • Tamping
  • Mulching
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