Rail-road excavators

We lift loads – quickly and safely on both rail and roads

Sixteen modern and powerful Liebherr rail-road excavators in various performance classes that have been specially designed for rail applications combine high-quality wheeled excavator technology with high-performance and flexible application options for your construction project – even in the most difficult of working conditions. Many attachment tools, such as trench clearing buckets, sleeper changers, clamshell buckets, backhoe buckets or Movax side pile drivers for ramming steel pipes or posts, also guarantee the tailored and most cost-effective realisation of your construction project.

Sustainable for section, tunnel and people

Most of our road-rail excavators have been fitted with exhaust-particulate filters and therefore satisfy the special demands that are associated with structural reconstruction measures, e.g. in tunnel sections. It goes without saying that our experienced machinists possess all the licenses required for working on track systems.

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Implementing construction measures with road-rail excavators from HERING:

  • 16 modern Liebherr rail-road excavators
  • Professional project management
  • Experienced machinists (licensed for work on railway systems)
  • Fast and safe rerailing and derailing
  • Excavation and moving of soil, production of sub-grade, laying of sleepers, positioning of rails, etc.
  • Pile-driving, ballasting, tamping, etc.


  • Trench-clearing buckets, clamshell buckets, backhoe buckets, vibrating plates
  • Movax side pile driver / for driving in steel pipes (e.g. signal foundation pipes from a maximum of 11 metres to 12.50 / 325 steel pipe) using vibration (SG50)
  • Mulcher for cutting grass and woody plants cost-effectively
  • Sleeper changer

We are a full-service provider and a strong partner at your side and as such are able to offer one-stop tailored solutions based on our comprehensive portfolio and 130 years of experience in the field of railway construction.


Hiring from Europe’s largest fleet

HERING is your specialist for hiring out heavy-duty rail-mounted machines.


  • Both on the road and on the track
  • Excavating and moving soil
  • Production of sub-grade
  • Laying sleepers
  • Changing sleepers
  • Positioning / changing tracks
  • Ballasting
  • Pile-driving
  • Tamping
  • Mulching
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HERING offers you the qualified and cost-effective implementation of your construction project with the highest precision! We operate Europe’s largest fleet of rail-mounted cranes and so have become specialists in equipment hire and are able to deliver the appropriate machinery to suit all requirements. With our 130 years of experience as well as the most cost-effective and comprehensive one-stop solutions, we are also able to convince as a general contractor in the field of railway construction projects.

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