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Glass elements in concrete façades

Unique façades may be created by combining (coloured) glass elements with architectural concrete by HERING. It’s possible to realise any type of glass object, i.e. façades without visible architectural concrete or – as in the Mondriaan project example – retro objects with coloured glass surfaces in architectural concrete frames.

Glass surfaces in architectural concrete frames

It’s possible to manufacture BETOGLASS® concrete elements easily and cost-effectively at HERING’s plant for precast concrete. The glass elements (flat or curved) are placed in the mould and fuse with the fresh concrete to form a single unit. As with lost formwork, no screws, frames or other mechanical fixings are then required.

Big picture:
BETOGLASS® facade elements.
ROC Mondriaan College, Den Haag, NL.
Felix Somieski. Architect: LIAG Architecten en bouwadviseurs, NL

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