Ice-cold challenge mastered: Installation of a new silo for sustainable cement

A new cement silo was installed in extremely cold conditions last Wednesday. The installation process next to our prefabrication plant went to plan in spite of the frosty temperatures. The silo has been designed to hold environmentally friendly, CO2-reduced cement, particularly CEM II and CEM III types.

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The manufacture of CEM II produces around 30% lower CO2 emissions, while CEM III is associated with even lower emissions. These types of cement mark a significant step towards sustainable production for our prefabricated concrete façades and platforms and help reduce the effects that our operations have on the environment.


Good to know:

CEM II is the designation for a specific type of Portland cement, which is defined in the EN 197 European standard. ‘CEM’ stands for ‘Cement’ while the ‘II’ indicates that the cement possesses a specific composition and properties.
CEM II is divided into various sub-categories, each of which involves different mixtures of the main components, including clinker, gypsum and other additives. The exact composition may vary depending on manufacturer and region.

What makes CEM II special is that it contains less clinker than conventional Portland cement. That’s important because the production of clinker is energy intensive and contributes to CO2 emissions. The quantities of clinker that are contained in this cement are being reduced with the intention of minimising environmental impact.

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