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Sandwich façades

Sandwich façades add value to new builds

Concrete sandwich façades represent load-bearing elements and are manufactured with three layers at the factory: the designed exposed layer on the outside, the insulation required for energy efficiency in the centre and the load-bearing layer on the inside.

The value that sandwich façades add as opposed to conventional façade concepts is to be found in the load-bearing layer that is incorporated on the inside and that contributes to the building shell’s further load-bearing capacities. The design means that it’s possible to realise structures with thin sections that are economical and that help accelerate construction. Thermal insulation and fire safety in accordance with the F90 fire resistance class are also integrated. Sandwich façades further score additional points with their excellent sound-insulation properties and the fact that they offer outstanding mechanical protection against external effects.

Wide range of design solutions

HERING Architectural Concrete | HAC is able to provide a wide range of design solutions that create the right look for your project and that are individually tailored to your requirements.

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