HERING system platforms

HERING prefabricated platforms: system platform modula®

Prefabricated platforms from HERING are characterised by a high degree of prefabrication, factory quality guarantee, high-quality surfaces, design diversity and numerous construction variants. Thanks to further developments and system optimisations, the various modula® types are suitable for individual new construction, conversion and surface refurbishment or for changing the access level of platforms.

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New platform construction

The modula® - the TT slab and modula® light systems are particularly well suited for the construction of new platforms. Both systems can be designed as free-standing platforms (type 1) and backfillable platforms (type 1b). By using modula® shift elements, both systems can also be raised and lowered with ease.

Temporary platform

HERING has developed the modula® temporary system for temporary platform requirements. This is a platform made of steel plates on prefabricated foundations. The temporary platform can be used as a makeshift platform during construction work, when dealing with accidents or as an additional temporary stopping point for trade fairs and other major events. In addition, existing platforms can be temporarily raised or extended.

Platform raising and renovation

For the raising and renovation of conventional platforms, HERING has developed the modula® flex system - a slim, textile-reinforced flat slab with a ready-to-use platform covering. Safety-related features such as the guidance system for the blind or danger zone hatching can thus be easily retrofitted.

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