PWC and design development


Our public toilet systems for unmanaged car parks on motorways and busy trunk roads, also known as PWC (parking WC), are free-standing buildings. Modules prefabricated in the factory are put together and installed on site. The fittings and design are based on customer requirements.

With the vandalism-resistant construction, we can guarantee long-term suitability and service life for these car park toilets. Our toilet systems offer everything a state-of-the-art, practical toilet can be. All media connections (water, waste water, electricity) are typically established on site. Waste water processing using membrane filter technology is also an option.


  • Turnkey construction
  • Longevity based on robust concrete construction and vandalism-resistant design
  • With optional automatic seat cleaning

PWC systems are often built to the same design for years. The design, technology and fittings have oven been proven in everyday practice. But moving with the times and being open to innovations is also recommended.

Tread new paths with us, whether towards design, functionality or materials. Capitalise on our decades of experience in the construction, operation (maintenance, repairs, refurbishment) of car park toilet systems.

Toilets at motorway car parks

Please contact us with any questions on:

  • System size and structure
  • Façade and roof
  • Technology
  • Cabin equipment
  • Hygiene
  • Longevity

45 years of expertise

From planning and construction through financing to maintenance, cleaning and repairs: HERING Sanikonzept has over 45 years of expertise and has already built more than 6200 toilet systems. We currently operate 1300 systems with a range of service modules! Our company employs around 100 people, split between our head office in Burbach and service support points all over Germany.

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