Motorway car parks

HERING Sanikonzept GmbH has specialised in the planning and construction of car park toilets for many years, adapting its products to ongoing developments all the time. The toilet facilities for car parks on motorways, motorway service stations and trunk roads therefore fulfil all requirements in terms of quality and frequency of use, at the same time largely preventing the risks of vandalism and contamination. At the same time, they are easy to clean and low-maintenance.

The toilet facilities are developed individually to meet customer requirements in terms of size, shape, fittings and design. The options range from purely functional systems to fully automated solutions.

HERING car park toilets for:

  • motorways
  • motorway service stations
  • trunk roads

45 years of expertise

From planning and construction through financing to maintenance, cleaning and repairs. HERING Sanikonzept has over 45 years of expertise and has already built more than 6200 toilet systems. We currently operate 1300 systems with a range of service modules. Our company employs around 100 people, split between our head office in Burbach and service support points all over Germany.

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