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Track-bound heavy machines

With the largest fleet of track-bound cranes in Germany, the Hering cranes have already achieved a good reputation far beyond the borders of Germany.

Quality and faithfulness to deadlines with the largest fleet of track-bound cranes!

Furthermore, Hering can fall back at any time on the largest privately owned fleet of tamping machines of the DGU.

With the company’s cooperation with the MGW machine pool, Hering has access to innovative and high-performance ballast reconditioning machines, other material supply and silo wagons as well as cranes. Furthermore, Hering also has access to the latest track reconstruction technology in assembly line techniques. Hering's own material supply wagons and rail-road vehicles complete the effectiveness in the track-bound reconstruction business.

The experienced Hering engineers have an economic solution for your task – present them with a challenge!

Source: Kranunion

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