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Expertise for all requirements

Railway construction

One-stop railway construction

As a strong and DB-pre-qualified partner, we are able to convince as a general contractor with a reliable network, state-of-the-art machinery and more than 130 years of experience in railway construction. Our range of performances includes the one-stop safe and reliable construction of railway infrastructure and tracks, railway-related structural engineering performances as well as reliable planning and construction performances in the field of transport depots. The focus is always on minimising shut-downs while maximising cost-effectiveness!

Expertise for all requirements

We are able to reliably provide our support across the entire spectrum of railway construction – from the planning, construction and maintenance of your railway infrastructure, including individual and high-quality railway transport performances, to the most cost-effective construction performances and the rental of heavy-duty rail-mounted machinery and special civil-engineering technology.

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Railway construction with HERING

  • Cost-effective comprehensive solutions and alternative products as well as construction methods
  • Professional project management
  • Modern and powerful machinery
  • Alternative products and construction methods
  • Experience and know-how for generations
  • Strong network of partners
  • Pre-qualified partner to Deutsche Bahn

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HERING Railway construction: Projects

We’ll be seeing you at the InnoTrans 2024
Successful track refurbishment at Buderus in Wetzlar by HERING Gleisbau
Successful foundation ground rehabilitation in Würzburg by HERING Gleisbau
Roll it! Track-foundation-laying train at the major Stuttgart 21 construction site

HERING sustainability

At HERING, we see ourselves as pioneers in the field of sustainability. As early as 1996, we were the first construction company in Germany to obtain EMAS certification. Every three years, we publish an environmental statement documenting our goals and how we have achieved them. Actually, for the first time, we published a sustainability report with an integrated environmental statement in accordance with EMAS - a logical next step in view of our ecological and social responsibility. It documents how we deal internally and externally with the issues that are essential to our future viability.

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