Innovative Facing Solutions in Architectural Concrete

Modern architecture would hardly be possible without the use of concrete. Thanks to the development of a wide variety of facing techniques, interest is growing in covering buildings with a concrete facing that reflects the building’s individual character.

Hering Architectural Concrete combines innovative material concepts with decades of experience in the design-focused structural facings sector. The aim is to create moulded facing elements, taking into consideration aesthetics, panache, and interaction with the surroundings. Using a combination of form, colour, aggregate and type of surface treatment, Hering Architectural Concrete is able to offer almost infinite variety of designs, in order to translate the architects‘ vision. 

Our innovative facing solutions contribute to building culture as an investment in our future living environment. For this reason, we are searching constantly for new solutions for sustainable construction, and are working in close cooperation with renowned German universities, such as the RWTH Aachen and the TU Dresden to develop new processes.

In addition to curtain walls and precast concrete parts for the Sandwich method of construction made of classic steel-reinforced concrete, we also offer a very efficient materials concept made of textile-reinforced concrete: betoShell®. Due to its corrosion-free reinforcement material, this facing innovation from Hering Architectural Concrete allows for lean designs and is suitable for both new builds and also for energy efficient facade renovations.

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