Innovative Facing Solutions in Architectural Concrete

Modern architecture would hardly be conceivable without concrete being available to build with. The desire to create buildings with shells that have been realised using architectural concrete and that reflect the structures’ individual character is growing thanks to the development of a variety of surface-engineering methods. Every façade therefore becomes as individual as the architecture itself and assumes an entirely new function as an identity carrier.

HERING Architectural Concrete (HAC) combines intelligent concepts that are based on concrete with decades of experience in the construction of concrete façades. HAC uses a variety of surfaces to realise individual types of façade to make architectural visions come true in accordance with the demands that are being made, the type of structural use and the desired effect as well as with a sense for the surroundings.

Material concepts – reinforced concrete and betoShell®

Besides curtain walls and precast concrete elements in sandwich designs that utilise classic steel-reinforced concrete, HERING Architectural Concrete offers an alternative very efficient material concept that uses textile concrete: betoShell®. This innovation in the construction of façades allows thin construction designs to be realised and is suitable both for new builds and for façade renovations being carried out to save energy.

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