HERING Architectural Concrete: Your specialist for concrete façades, exposed concrete and prefabricated reinforced-concrete components

For many years, HERING Architectural Concrete | HAC has been one of the leading manufacturers of sophisticated prefabricated reinforced-concrete elements and architectural concrete façades that are realised as exposed concrete or with attractive surfaces for use as curtain walls or sandwich façades.

Architectural concrete façades | curtain walls | sandwich façades

The range of surface structures and material concepts along with sustainable manufacturing processes is being continuously further developed by such manufacturing specialists as HERING. We are specialists in working with concrete and are always happy to work with you as the planner or architect in the development of appropriate concepts even during the planning phases. The goal is to present your project in the proper light.

Textile-reinforced concrete | carbon-reinforced concrete | recycled concrete | light fibre concrete

That also includes the choice of the appropriate material concept. In addition to architectural concrete façades and prefabricated concrete elements with classic steel reinforcement, we’ve developed a very effective and sustainable façade solution that uses textile-reinforced concrete as well as carbon-reinforced concrete: betoShell® is the slender and lightweight façade cladding and is ideally suited for upgrading façades to enhance energy conservation. We have combined it with SIUT’s discreet fibre-optic cables to create the innovative betoShellSiut® light fibre concrete.

Recycled concrete | RC is regarded as the ‘future of construction’: This is another field where HERING is playing a pioneering role with the development of a formula for concrete that combines aesthetics, sustainability and durability. This formula uses mineral construction waste that’s generated, for example, from the demolition of existing buildings and utilises it to manufacture new concrete products.

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