Construction of new platforms

Platform construction for Deutsche Bahn AG

We are specialists in the field of railway-related civil engineering performances. We bring together modern machinery, professional know-how based on decades of experience as well as a strong partner network for tailored comprehensive solutions for all types of platform construction in the realisation of the turnkey construction and reconstruction of all kinds of transport depots and safe and precise civil engineering.

Taking the commercial lead with HERING

We are able to fulfil your individual requirements on a highly precise and turnkey basis while, as a full-service provider, realising optimum platform construction and structures from reinforced concrete for train stations, transport depots stopping points and stops. The focus is always on the most cost-effective realisation with minimum interruption to railway services.

Platform construction: Construction performances by HERING

  • Construction of new platforms: conventional, system-bound as prefabricated components or as special designs
  • Drainage systems and cable or media channel construction
  • Paving work and installation of signage systems
  • Installation of platform signage and furniture (showcases, weather shelters, benches and litter bins)
  • Construction of new barrier-free access routes with ceramic, cut-stone or bituminous pavements
  • Construction of new platform roofs
  • Construction of new noise-barrier systems
  • Lighting and sound
  • Design and construction of engineering structures from reinforced concrete with the highest quality
  • Corrosion-prevention work, cleaning work and coating work

We offer tailored solutions as well as alternative construction methods and products. Why not talk to us? We would be happy to realise your project cost-effectively, safely and precisely.

Transport depots with HERING

  • Construction of all kinds of new transport depots and alterations to existing ones (barrier-free, turnkey, complex projects, temporary systems)
  • Cost-effective comprehensive solutions
  • Alternative products and construction methods
  • Turnkey fulfilment of your requirements
  • Experience and know-how for generations
  • Modern and powerful machinery
  • DB pre-qualifications


Decades of experience and a strong network are key to the successful realisation of your demanding projects: Be it the building of extensive new structures or modernisation work on platforms and passenger underpasses – we are able to offer the qualified and cost-effective realisation of your construction project with the highest precision!

Why not get in touch with us? We’re always happy to help!

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