Noise protection systems for railways and roads.

This subject is regarded with the utmost importance at Hering. The volume of traffic around the world will continue to increase over the long term and so therefore will the level of pollution of the environment and disruption to people. For a number of years now, Hering employees have been developing, building and installing innovative noise protection systems.

Whether alongside roads, railways or in residential areas - from planning through to installation: The Hering noise protection team offers individual solutions for different areas of use. The company's own heavy machinery allows services to be provided from one single source.

Due to the different possible ways of implementing components that reduce noise, Hering can help to optimize the range of measures adopted as early as the planning phase and assist you in selecting the right components.

The range of Hering's noise protection products includes:


In the field of noise protection Hering employees develop, build and install for a number of years hight noise barriers as well as innovative low noise barriers, mobile noise barriers and torsion beams as well as rail dampers.

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