Noise affects us all – noise protection systems for rail and road.

Due to population growth, especially in metropolitan areas, and the associated increase in traffic volume, innovative solutions for public transport are becoming increasingly important. Infrastructure should facilitate mobility for everyone and at the same time conserve resources and the environment – noise protection is playing an increasingly important role on all traffic routes.

Whether on the road, in the track surroundings or in the residential area – from planning to installation: the HERING noise protection team has been providing individual solutions for different areas of application for years. We have already completed a number of major projects where we have been able to demonstrate our competence. In addition to high soundproofing walls, we offer innovative low soundproofing systems and for some time now have also been providing SONO STOP® mobile soundproofing walls, which can be assembled and dismantled with little effort.

Cost effectiveness and sustainability, from planning to installation.

A powerful team, which optimises the execution and work planning for our customers in economic and sustainable terms, supports our customers even in the planning phase with the selection of suitable components. Moreover, we are constantly working on developing innovative solutions even further. Test us!

By the way: HERING is a member of the German Association for Noise Protection on Traffic Routes (DVLV).

The HERING range of services for noise protection covers:


In the field of noise protection HERING employees develop, build and install for a number of years hight noise barriers as well as innovative low noise barriers, mobile noise barriers and torsion beams.

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