Noise protection systems from HERING for rail, road and public spaces

Infrastructure enables mobility. In addition to protecting the environment and resources, the issue of noise protection is playing an increasingly important role on all transport routes and in central areas of public life.

High noise barriers | Low noise barriers

HERING plans, manufactures and installs both high noise barriers and low noise barriers developed in-house for use on railways and roads. These are particularly suitable for neutralising noise permanently and sustainably.


The SONO STOP.® solution is used for temporary noise sources, such as moving construction sites in conurbations, festivities or to protect the weakest members of our society - in front of retirement homes and schools. The temporary noise barrier can be installed and dismantled with little effort and can move with the noise source.

Urban Protection Shield®

Residents in urban areas are often exposed to disturbing and harmful noise sources. Together with the KOHLHAUER® company, HERING has developed a coordinated complete system for noise protection in urban areas - the transparent noise protection façade Urban Protection Shield®.

All products manufactured for use in DB’s scope have both EBA approval and user clearance.

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Noise protection by HERING

Whether on the road, in the track area, in residential or other conurbations - from planning, through production, to installation: the HERING noise protection team has been offering individual solutions for different areas of application for years - economically and sustainably. The major projects already completed and built underline this reliability and performance.

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