Noise abatement – Urban Protection Shield® scores points with environmental and health protection

Protecting against noise and generating electricity with the Urban Protection Shield® noise abatement façade from HERING

Steadily worsening noise exposure is a key problem of modern urban development. Not only in large cities, more and more citizens feel permanently exposed to noise – often to an extent that poses a danger to health. Against this background, our noise abatement team and the sound insulation experts from R. Kohlhauer (Gaggenau) developed the Urban Protection Shield®. The transparent, modular, complete façade system with design flexibility combines effective sound insulation in urban spaces with a high-end look. Photovoltaic modules can be installed as an option.

Rising environmental burden of traffic noise

According to current studies, more than 50% of Germany’s population feels bothered by road and railway noise – with a rising trend. Noise barriers have proven themselves as an effective option in the search for suitable noise abatement measures in urban spaces over the last few years. Axel Schulz, HERING Bau explains:

“While the noise barriers for inner city applications available in the market to date are functional and effective, citizens often view them as a bothersome element since they are opaque with an unattractive design. This is especially true in residential areas. Our complete system developed in cooperation with R. Kohlhauer GmbH harmoniously combines outstanding noise abatement properties with a premium, modern and transparent look.”

Transparent noise abatement with maximum effectiveness

The Urban Protection Shield® system consists of a steel structure in combination with transparent noise abatement elements. It can be installed as a suspended façade between existing building walls or as a free-standing steel structure. The overall structure is tested according to DIN EN 1793 Part 2 | (HS+ DIN EN 1793-1) and DIN EN 1794 Part 1. Each element has a sound reduction index of DLR = 33 dB and, only with the use of an inward-absorbing aluminium frame, sound absorption of DLα = 4 dB.

Photovoltaic modules in a transparent noise abatement façade

The construction industry, its products and structures account for a significant share of worldwide climate-damaging emissions, resource consumption, the generation of waste and the loss of biodiversity. Fortunately more and more companies are recognising this and paying attention to environmental protection in product development and manufacturing. They are attempting to offset their impact in other ways, such as generating electricity with photovoltaic modules. Integrating panes with photovoltaic modules in our Urban Protection Shield® is no problem. The glass-glass solar modules, also called double glass modules, are more durable and last longer than conventional solar modules. With a glass pane on the front and rear of the solar module, they provide better protection for the solar cells, extending the service life of the photovoltaic system as a whole.

Urban Protection Shield® scores triple points in terms of sustainability and environmental protection: In addition to photovoltaic module integration, the panes are printed to prevent bird strikes. The system can be fully disassembled as well and the materials can be recycled.

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