Track-bed vacuum-cleaning machine

Road-rail machine for your track bed

Ballast abrasion, brake dust, plants and even such man-made debris as drinks cans and bottles – track beds are exposed to countless effects. Regular track-bed cleaning is essential to ensure properly operating tramways and rail networks as well as the drainage of surface water and the functioning of the ballast. We at HERING use a road-rail cleaning machine with a capacity of five cubic metres. Our multi-talent possesses a special vacuum technology that allows dirt and debris to be removed without any adverse effects on the ballast bed and that ensures the load-bearing capacity and strength of the roadbed and track.

Framework contract or individual measure

As a general contractor with 130 years of experience in the field of railway construction, we want to be able to offer you the most cost-effective solution for all your requirements. We are able to provide tailored framework contracts and reliable individual measures for hiring out heavy-duty rail-mounted machines to ensure track availability.

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Rail-road track-bed vacuum-cleaning machine from HERING:

  • Removal of dirt, brake dust and leaves, for example, from track beds
  • For use in tram and rail networks (predestined for removing large items of debris, such as leaves, drinks cans, etc. on tramways)
  • Vacuum container capacity of five cubic metres up to a maximum of two tonnes
  • Smallest bend radius 26 metres

Hiring from Europe’s largest fleet

HERING is your specialist for hiring out heavy-duty rail-mounted machines.

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HERING offers you the qualified and cost-effective implementation of your construction project with the highest precision! We operate Europe’s largest fleet of heavy-duty rail-mounted machines and so have become specialists in equipment hire and are able to Put the machines to suit all your requirements at your disposal. With our 130 years of company experience as well as the most cost-effective and one-stop comprehensive solutions.

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