Upcycling WC facilities


For over 45 years, we have made a major contribution to clean sanitation in public spaces in Germany. City WC systems play a significant role here. Because of changing regulations in towns or simply because of the age and condition of public toilet facilities, towns and communities often request the removal of existing toilet systems. We often take these toilet systems back and, depending on the model, they often take the form of ready-made cubicles. These are then refurbished to customer requirements, fitted with new technology and resold.

The recycling rate is around 95%. We call this sustainable business.

The aim is to restore old systems and resell them, in order to be sustainable at a product level. 

Thinking about sustainability

  • Removal and refurbishment of old City WCs
  • Recycling rate: 95%

HERING systainability

As well as product-related environmental protection, there are also significant benefits to production and operations. Specifically, these are the ways we go about our work, the energy supply to our offices, production sites and our company vehicles, and, of course, how we deal with the waste from the production processes, which we attempt to recycle if at all possible.
Further details are available in our Sustainability Report.

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