Second phase of construction: Preparatory measures for the Frankfurt-Niederrad junction

We’ve been working on this project for DB Netz AG Frankfurt with our consortium partners Himmel u. Papesch Bauunternehmung GmbH and Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH since 1 June 2022. The project’s order volume totals € 33 million; HERING Bahnbau GmbH’s share of these funds amounts to € 13.50 million. We’ve been working on the Niederrad junction construction site in Frankfurt, where six track construction crews have been deployed, for more than a year now. Services were paused several times for different periods of time.

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We’ve had a very eventful year so far:

The S-Bahn (suburban railway) tracks 3683-1 and -2 were dismantled to around 550 metres and the mainline tracks 3520-1 and -2 were also dismantled to 550 metres. The S-Bahn and mainline tracks were also installed in part on the newly constructed and widened embankment. A total of seven switch points were dismantled and 13 new ones installed. The entire conversion and new build was realised with HERING’s own construction site logistics. Various welding, tamping and aligning jobs were carried out within the scope of this project.

We utilise synergies at HERING:

A new noise barrier was built in the neighbouring Hahnstraße in collaboration with another division within the HERING Group: HERING Bau GmbH & Co. KG Systeme. The tasks included a variety of earthworks and shoring work, the laying of post foundations, the installation of noise-abatement elements, earthing and the transportation and disposal of materials.

The realisation of the underground cabling system represented – and still does represent – a major aspect of this construction project. The cabling system is being both dismantled and rebuilt. This requires a very wide range of work, including extensive earthworks, rail crossings, cavity insulation, installation of cable ducts in side paths, cable laying for signalling equipment, checking measurements and the enclosure for cable cabinets. New 50-Hertz electrical energy systems were also built; the overhead line connection was established, a concrete switching building was realised, drainage modules were constructed and a medium and low-voltage system was installed to this end.

Services were shut down in July and August 2023 during which time the delivered signal brackets were installed. These were positioned in the realised foundations with the help of a crane.

The following divisions have been deployed on this project to date:

  • Our entire logistics, including locomotives
  • Our heavy-duty machinery
  • All rail construction crews with extensive road-rail excavator equipment
  • Our colleagues from noise-abatement

The construction project is expected to extend until the middle of 2024. We’ll be keeping you up to date in this regard … To be continued!

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