Delivery of modula®light elements for three stations of the Riedbahn

By order of Schleis GmbH in Oberwesel as the principal and DB Station & Service AG, Frankfurt branch, as the awarding authority, HERING delivered modula®light elements for the platform construction at various stations of the Riedbahn in the late summer of 2017.

A complete redevelopment took place on the track section between Mannheim and Frankfurt. The stations Gernsheim, Biebesheim as well as the Stockstadt halt have been modernised and are now fully accessible. A total of 198 modula®light plates with danger zone hatching were delivered by lorry.

In some cases, in-situ concrete foundations were used, in others they were precast concrete foundations. The height of all platforms is 76 cm above the rail level. At the Biebesheim station, two centre platforms of 210 m in length and one side-boarding platform of 180 m in length were developed. In Stockstadt, two side-boarding platforms each of 175 m in length were built; in Gernsheim, two more centre platforms of 210 m in length.  

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