Modern fitted WC for Lübeck

Non-contact, vandal-proof and robust – that’s the new public toilet that has been installed in the City of Lübeck by HERING Sanikonzept GmbH. The fitted WC was integrated into an existing building – the Rathaushof (Town Hall Courtyard) - which is located directly in the centre of the old town. Comprehensive preliminary planning was required before the installation could commence because the building is protected. That’s why it was imperative here that the work was carried out in strict compliance with conservation requirements.

The printed glass wall in the entrance area, which depicts the town hall’s foyer, constitutes a particularly special design feature. That’s because – besides creating a modern ambience within the WC facility itself – it also establishes a direct link to the location.

Two WC user rooms are available inside: one barrier-free user cubicle with a nappy-changing table and a space for urinals.


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