Nothing is impossible: Major railway construction site in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

Six-thousand metres of track and five switch points in four months without interruption to services? What at first glance seemed an impossibility has been achieved in seven successive construction phases thanks to excellent and flexible planning.

Around 2,000 metres of track were laid using assembly-line techniques during the first two phases of construction; HERING was able to score here thanks to the support provide by the Leonhard, Weiss, Spitzke and Jumbotec companies and their heavy-duty machinery, including the reconstruction train and ballast-cleaning machine.

The five subsequent construction phases were then implemented conventionally: It hadn’t been possible to use heavy-duty machinery either in the platform area or on the station concourse due to the amount of dust that would have been generated. A challenge for our team, but: Thanks to sophisticated technology and a two-metre-high construction fence, it was possible to dampen the old bedding in the hall, tunnel and platform areas with water before its removal and to protect passengers from dirt and danger.

Particularly sensational: The logistics! What would a construction site be without the necessary building materials? That was where constant exchanges between the client and the contractor were required in order to organise the supply of building materials to the construction site.

Also sensational: The short interruptions to services. We were also able to rise to this challenge so that now all conversion measures – with the exception of some remaining minor work – have been completed successfully.

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