Overall refurbishment for the Hauptmarkt multi-storey car park in Nuremberg

Nuremberg – the city of the famous Christmas Market. The façade of the Hauptmarkt multi-storey car park was to be completely renewed in the course of an overall refurbishment by HERING Architectural Concrete.

The planning of the multi-storey car park project in Nuremberg began in June 2019. The refurbishment was then commenced later with the betoShell®Flex30 façade with a blasted surface and a red look. After a Christmas-winter break, the installation of the facade continued at the beginning of 2020 and it now appears in a new red brilliance.

A total of just under 710m² façade and the necessary stainless-steel substructure was manufactured, delivered, and installed by HERING. The white aluminium pillars between the individual façade elements present a distinctive feature highlighting the red shade of colour even more. 

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