Platform at Misburg-Nord station in Hanover with new City-WC

HERING Sanikonzept GmbH recently installed a public City-WC on the platform at the Misburg-Nord station at the “Platz der Begegnung” in Hanover.

The building’s modern glass façade is particularly striking. It has been backed with a structure of glass blocks that takes up the design of the existing tram stop, which also employs these elements. The City-WC therefore blends in perfectly with the existing look of the urban area. The glass exterior façade also offers the additional benefit that graffiti is much easier to remove from it because it prevents paint from soaking into the surface.

The compact unisex unit – which may also be later moved to a different location – features both a toilet bowl and a urinal. The customer requested that the interior of the vandal-resistant sanitary solution be completely finished in stainless steel. The building additionally complies with DIN 18040 for barrier-free design and may therefore also be used by people with disabilities.

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