Premiere for innovative noise protection system Urban Protection Shield

Noise affects us all because it has an influence on our wellbeing and health. People who live in cities especially are often exposed to annoying sources of noise.

[Translate to English:] Innovativer Lärmschutz für den innerstädtischen Bereich

Urban Protection Shield

In collaboration with KOHLHAUER, HERING has developed a full system for noise protection in an urban environment: the Urban Protection Shield. Comprising a steel construction and transparent noise protection elements, the system (UPS) can be installed as a façade between building walls. The transparency enables the residents to maintain a view and they can be pleased about a significant reduction in noise. UPS is a sophisticated and modular system whose glazing can be manufactured in various designs. It can be equipped with an additional air purification system for example. And even our feathered friends are remembered: It is also possible to have it printed for the sake of bird protection.

In November, the very first one of these innovative systems was installed in Troisdorf: Two walls, each 12m high and 8m long, were installed as a permanent noise protection element in the courtyard of a large housing complex. The parts were delivered by lorry beforehand and then installed by a suction cup lifter (vacuum suction cup lifter) and a crane. The elements provide for bird protection. The project was contracted by Esch Gesellschaft für schlüsselfertiges Bauen mbH.

[Translate to English:] Transparente Lärmschutzelemente aus dem Hause HERING und Kohlhauer

Urban Protection Shield

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