Second lengthening of the island platforms at London's Baker Street Station

In July, a group of Hering employees once again headed to the United Kingdom to continue platform-lengthening work at London's world-famous Baker Street Station. Rc platforms 1 and 2 had already been lengthened by 31 metres in January for Vinci Construction Ltd, UK / London Underground Ltd, UK (the client).

In July, the team turned its attention therefore to platforms 3 and 4 of the Metropolitan Line. Since the Metropolitan Line, the world's first underground railway line, opened in 1863, the number of passengers using it has continually increased. Longer trains mean that platform extensions are now required. Installation took place on weekdays between 17.07 – 21.07 between the hours of 01:00 – 04:00 (the service shutdown period), while at the weekend it was possible to work during the day. The elements were transported from Germany by truck to the heart of the city and installed using a mobile crane. On the second day it was evident that everything was running to schedule, and that the work would be completed earlier than expected. This – and the precise fit of the complexly-shaped components of the island platform – meant that the customer was totally satisfied.

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