Strong demand for unisex urinal toilets

Unisex urinal toilets from HERING Sanikonzept GmbH are enjoying great popularity.

The company first brought this product to market in 2018. It was requested by the city of Hamburg. This is where the demand for compact toilets for high-traffic nodes emerged. They had to be robust and functional, with a universal fixture – gender neutral for everyone. The toilets also had to be portable so they can be made available at other locations as needed. HERING Sanikonzept responded by developing the “mobile toilets” – today’s unisex urinal toilets.

This trend is now continuing in other cities.

Features of the unisex urinal toilets:

  • Toilet module with steel-reinforced concrete walls
  • Tempered safety glass façade
  • Swing doors, door leaf height 1.4 m
  • Engineering room door

Stainless steel cubicle with:

  • Universal fixture
  • Jumbo toilet paper roll holder
  • Stainless steel waste bin
  • Fitted washbasin
  • Sharps container

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