Toilet facilities - large project in München

After several years of acquisition measures with the formulation of concepts, calls for tender and various discussions, we have, in early December, finally signed the contract with “Münchner Toiletten GmbH”, or “MTG” in short, for the renovation and long-term operation of a total of 42 public toilet facilities.

Once the first contacts with the provincial capital, München, were made, the project was transferred 3 years ago to the municipal utilities of or their subsidiary “MTG”. And also because the main facilities are located in the underground or suburban stations and the SWM client is there. Most of these toilet facilities date from the seventies and in a condition corresponding to that age.

As of 01.01.2017, we have taken over the operation for all 42 facilities. We must gut and rebuild 36 of them within 3 years. Both the construction and operation are challenging tasks and through our work, we are in daily contact with the public. The entire investment needs to pre-financed by us, the re-financing is covered by revenue from users as well as an annual grant from the MTG. Taking into account the number of facilities and the fact that the operation spans over 20 years, this is a really large project for HERING Sanikonzept GmbH. 

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