Track and point work in Heilbronn

The working partnership ARGE HERING - Monti did it again, this time in sunny Heilbronn. Once again, both companies benefitted from the skills of the employees and their own machine pools. That’s what let them stand out against the mass of competitors. Monti with its own tamping machines and HERING with its cranes.

Reconstructed were 10 tracks, 2 points and 1 set of point levers. In total, 3650 m of track were reconstructed in the Heilbronn shuntyard. Construction started on 24/04/2015 and was completed on 12/06/2015. The entire operation was predominantly carried out by HERING.

With three two-way excavators, two work train locomotives and a great deal of sweat and commitment from our employees, week after week the shuntyard was “ransacked” and renewed.

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