Track bed cleaning machine BETTY

My name is Betty and I keep the track bed clean! I am a master when it comes to freeing track and bedding from contamination, see for yourself!

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What do I do?
My job is to maintain the availability of the track and to remove the wide variety of contaminations, such as brake dust, leaves or even larger objects, from the track bed. 

Why is my work so important?
Quite simply: a breakdown due to impassable tracks is a nuisance for everyone involved - and I can prevent it. I also make sure that the track ballast does not dry out, as existing contaminations endanger the drainage of surface water.

How do I work?
I am a TWO-WAY two-way trackbed cleaning machine and I can work on both rail and road. My special suction technology allows me to extract dirt and objects without loosening the ballast.

Where can you find me?
You can rent me! HERING Bahnbau GmbH will be happy to make me available to you for rentals under a framework agreement or as an individual measure.

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