Travelling underground in Frankfurt

The Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF – Frankfurt Public Transport Corporation) has set itself the goal of retrofitting all underground stations with state-of-the-art tactile guidance elements. The decision resulted in an order to retrofit and equip three underground stations in Frankfurt being placed with HERING Bahnbau: Kirchplatz, Grüneburgweg and Holzhausenstraße. The work involved reconnecting platforms to stairways, lifts and entrances using studded and ribbed flooring. The work included the removal of around 300 square metres of old flooring and the fitting of the new coverings along with the grouting work. A total of around 1900 metres of concrete cutting work has been carried out on this construction project since December 2022 – a great achievement!

The challenge:

All cutting and laying work needed to be carried out at night when no rail services were running; it was also necessary to carry out the work on fast-hardening screed mortar to ensure that commuters were able to walk on it after each night shift.

The result:

Perfect – thanks to the dedication of the team and how well its members worked together!

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