WC facility at the Brucher Dam receives award for accessibility

The Brucher Dam is situated in a very idyllic countryside location near Marienheide. Paths that run directly along the banks of the lake invite visitors to take a leisurely stroll and spend time there. All barriers have now been removed from the area and a barrier-free WC facility has, among other things, been installed to allow people with physical disabilities to also enjoy the recreational opportunities that the location offers.

A series of ramps, railings and a barrier-free footpath was realised along with the installation of one of our barrier-free WC facilities. The fact that this WC facility is so accessible resulted in it being awarded the ‘Accessibility Tested / Travel for All’ certification. This certification provides visitors with trustworthy and detailed advance information about the accessibility of different tourist sites and locations and how they can be experienced.

Two urinals, one barrier-free unisex cubicle and another separate barrier-free cubicle for the disabled that can only be opened with a Euro key are now available for use.

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