Working where others go on holiday – Platform delivery to Borkum

Our HERING Systeme team is currently supplying modula®flex platforms for all three stops on the island. Construction will take place from the middle of April to the end of 2023. Work commenced at the jetty in Reede in April, which was followed by the Jacob-van-Dyken-Weg and finally the centre of the town of Borkum.

This measure means that all platforms will be barrier-free (it’s currently still necessary to ‘climb up‘ into the carriages). We’ll also be redesigning all the carriages by removing the steps to ensure that the trains and carriages will be able to pass the stops smoothly.
A great project against a unique backdrop! We’re looking forward to seeing the final result.

With around 31 square kilometres, Borkum is the largest of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands and consequently offers plenty of scope for discovery. Besides the impressive dune landscapes and the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, Borkum is also home to picturesque villages, cosy restaurants and cafés as well as such interesting sights as the Old Lighthouse and the Museum of Local History.

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