At home with Hering for new developments: First modula®flex platform upgrade in Siegerland

Acting as a sub-contractor for KAF Falkenhahn Bau AG, Hering planned, manufactured and delivered the system components for the modular elevation of two existing conventional side-boarding platforms, rising them up from 55 cm to 76 cm, over rail level for the Niederschelden Nord stop. DB Station & Service AG in Hagen is the client for this project.

For the travellers, this means a qualitative improvement in terms of access now made possible for disabled persons on passenger trains. Level access adapted to the needs of the disabled is now guaranteed. The installation of the modula®flex plates on both 120m-long and 2.61m-wide side-boarding platforms took only a few working shifts which took place at night during downtime periods without impacting regular train operations. This proved once again that prefabricated Hering systems could be implemented in the shortest possible time. Another advantage of the system is that the components are not steel-reinforced and as such they do not need to be earthed. They are fully supported by a bed of mortar, which consists of over-sized stone slabs whose individual dimensions are 1.35 m x 2.60 m x 0.08 m and a system weight of 700 kg.  

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