Crane operation Kirow KRC 910 - Hamburg Elbbrücken urban railway stop

HERING is also on the move in the far north and in several competence fields at the same time.

DB Station & Service AG has been commissioned to build a new urban railway stop on the Elbe bridges in Hamburg. On 22 and 23 October, the HERING railway slewing crane KRC 910 was used here to lift precast concrete parts.

Especially exciting: For the urban railway station, two precast outer platforms (each 210 m long) will be assembled - these also come from the HERING precast factory.

The urban railway stop serves to connect the new "Elbbrücken" quarter to local public transport. Numerous offices will be located in the buildings of this quarter. In addition, a 70 m long pedestrian bridge serves as a link between the new urban railway stop and the existing underground stop.

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