Exceptional architectural concrete façade for MotelOne Cologne

The international MotelOne chain has built a further hotel on Cäcilienstraße, in the immediate vicinity of Cologne's Neumarkt. The exclusive location demanded a building that possessed great sophistication and so a design was developed that harmoniously combined modern elegance with urban robustness.

And this design was realised with façade elements by HERING Architectural Concrete, which to this end manufactured large-format, white-coloured prefabricated reinforced concrete elements with several surface levels to meet the specifications set out by Gatermann + Schossig, a firm of architects based Cologne. The borders between the various levels were visually enhanced through the use of such different finishing methods as sandblasting and fine washing.

Work on the façade was concluded in spring and attention is now turning to the outdoor facilities and interior building work with plans to get the hotel ready for opening by the end of 2018.

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