New Toilet Facility for the Train station Buchloe

The old train station in Buchloe (Allgäu) which, because of its architecture, is known as the “Hasenstall” (Rabbit Pen) dates back to 1967. For a while now the railway company and city recognised that either the station has to be renovated or a new station must be constructed. In 2010 it was decided that a new building would be constructed. The concept is architecturally appealing with two buildings that are angled approximately 30 degrees to each other. These buildings form the premises for the travel centre, several smaller shops and the public toilets. The entrance hall between the buildings is covered by a trapezoidal plan roofing.

As the public toilets should also meet the high standards of hygiene and architecture style, Hering Sanikonzept GmbH was hired to complete the job. All toilet cubicles are equipped with toilet seat cleaning, epoxy resin flooring, a steelceramic interior facade and magnetic doors. The urinal area is equipped with a Urifloor in order to eliminate any unwanted smells. The accessible toilet was built according to the new DIN 18040 to match the concept of the newly built station.

After a short planning phase we could start the construction in April and after 6 weeks we presented the new toilet facility. The city of Buchloe, which started operating the toilet facility in July 2015, has also commissioned Hering with the cleaning and maintenance. 

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