Noise barriers by Hering for Langgöns

DB Netz AG issues invite to the symbolic start of construction work

DB Netz AG commissioned Hering on 17 August 2017 to build three noise barriers in Langgöns that extended along a total length of 1.6 kilometres and up to a height of three metres above the top edge of the rails.  Local conditions meant that the noise barriers had to be put up from the track side during night-time breaks in services.

DB Netz AG invited local politicians and residents to the symbolic start of construction work on 24 May 2018 to inform them about the ‘Lärmsanierung an bestehenden Schienenwegen der Eisenbahnen des Bundes’ (‘Noise abatement on existing federal railways’) programme. Special elements with a photo print stating that ‘Protection against noise is also environmental protection’ were created in cooperation with the Forster company, which is supplying the aluminium elements for this building project, and installed for this occasion as a symbolic prelude to the building project.

The foundation work for the third noise barrier is to be carried out between 25 June and the end of July.

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